LEGO Revisits the Tower Bridge

Sunday, November 7th, 2010


The new Tower Bridge set from LEGO is one of the most impressive sets ever released, with thousands of pieces creating a finished model over 40 inches long and 17 inches high. What could be better? How about a tower bridge 50 inches long and 21 inches high?

While it was never released as a set, there is such a model included in the LEGO idea book from 1964. This model looks to be about 154 studs in length and about 54 bricks high, which would be almost 50 inches long and just over 21 inches high. It is not nearly as detailed as the new set, of course, but is nonetheless attractive.

Scans of the 1964 Idea Book (which has some other great examples of old-school building) can be found at Brickfactory.

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